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Preston Cooperative Education Centre (PCEC) is a workers union-cooperative focused on learning. We provide education about cooperatives, trade union organising, politics and economics along with skills development aiming to flexibly meet the learning needs of anyone with an interest in cooperative values and democracy, people hoping to set up their own cooperative, trade unionists and community activists.

By becoming a member, you can show your commitment to cooperation and trade union organising and help us develop a dynamic centre for education that makes a difference in Preston and the surrounding areas, as well as more widely nationally and internationally through online teaching and learning.

PCEC is the UK’s first co-operative education centre established as a union cooperative.

As a union co-operative, we’re guided by an active community of members who shape our strategic direction, scrutinise our activities, increase our influence and ensure that we’re a voice for progressive social change and a fairer society across Preston’s communities and workplaces. We are allied to the Preston Model of community wealth building.

Why become a member?

Membership is for people and organisations who are passionate about co-operatives and cooperation and want to:


Support and help us establish and grow a centre for education that is governed and organised by its members


Support and explore alternative models of learning and research (i.e. cooperative ones).


Make a difference by supporting cooperative activities in Preston, the surrounding area and beyond.

have a part

Share in education about cooperative activities, union organising, community organising and links between such activities.


Play a part in the work of PCEC and participate in its democratic processes.

apply knowledge

Make use of cooperative education and services wherever possible.


Build cooperative partnerships with others which foster the sustainable development of local communities.


Help us re-vitalise the links between the cooperative and trade union movement and other social movements.


Build upon international links with others doing similar and inspirational work across the world.

What happens when I become a member?

  • You’ll receive regular updates about ways in which you can get involved in PCEC and co-operative development and/or union and community organising.
  • You’ll have opportunities to connect to other co-operators, trade unionists and community activists.
  • You’ll be invited to our private online discussions circles.
  • You’ll be involved in governing our strategic direction, and have opportunities to influence and shape our policy work.
  • You’ll be invited to attend our AGM and have opportunities to stand for election to the Governing Committee or the Union Committee.
  • You can influence the sort of courses and resources we seek to develop and deliver.

When you become a member…

You demonstrate your commitment to cooperative principles, values and action.

You are showing support for cooperative enterprises which generate quality local jobs and return wealth to local communities.

You are signing up to the creation of a stronger, fairer, more cooperative society.

By becoming a member you will join a growing community of like-minded people and organisations who believe in the value of education in establishing the necessary culture for cooperatives to thrive.

You will be helping us forge constructive alliances between cooperatives and trade unions and other forms of community action, and develop the learning that will deepen democratic participation across all these organisations.

You will be joining us in the belief that co-operative thinking and action together with strong trade unions and community voice can build a better future for everyone in Preston and beyond.

Individual Membership


individuals only

£1 / month

  • Membership certificate
  • Voting rights
  • Access to online discussion circles



individuals only

£12 / year

  • Membership certificate
  • Voting rights
  • Access to online discussion circles


Individual members can also choose to make a one-off or a regular monthly member’s donation
to help us develop more courses and reach those on low incomes.


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Choose the amount